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The Oxo-Biodegradable Plastics Institute or OPI was established in the Fall of 2004 to support and promote the acceptance and development of the global oxo-biodegradable plastics industry.


Oxo-biodegradable Plastics (OBP’s) are plastic materials, generally traditional polyolefins, that undergo a two step degradation, initially by an oxidative process that is promoted by the inclusion of catalytic additives and subsequently by biodegradation. Products made from these materials degrade under conditions of sunlight (UV) heat, and/or mechanical stress to complete the cycle of resource utilization and return otherwise intractable plastics to their natural origins.


OPI strongly encourages its members to join ASTM, CEN and/or other international standards making bodies and to actively participate in the development of standards relevant to our industry. We are in the process of drafting the framework for standard specifications for degradable plastics in a number of disposal environments.


The specific actions that we ask you to consider are as follows:

1. Join ASTM. This costs $US 75 and accords you a vote in the standards making process.


2. Visit OPI website frequently and register your interest in receiving bulletins regarding standards. Read and respond to the bulletins promptly. Provide your comments to


3. Consider adopting the measures discussed in your own products and with your own customers. Ultimately, we would hope to include these performance measures as criteria for a recognized “logo” program.


4. Consider whether other objective measures will be useful. For example, should an OPI logo require functional performance.