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Oxo-Biodegradable Plastics – Standards Development

The Oxo-Biodegradable Plastics Institute or OPI was established

in the Fall of 2004 to support and promote the acceptance and development.

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OPI is a member of ASTM and Strongly Supports

CEN and similar groups that develop science based standard measurement methods and specifications.

  • The ASTM process

    The ASTM process is driven by the need of the consumer for an objective way to assess the ability of products.

  • OPI is Working

    OPI is working at ASTM with OPI member companies to develop standards that are applicable to degradable plastic.

  • CEN International

    OPI strongly encourages its members to join ASTM, CEN and/or other international standards making bodies.

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Choosing a Floor: Laminate or Hardwood

Laminate or Hardwood

Purchasing new flooring is a big decorative decision: Unlike a new tropical metal art or grapes and wine decor, flooring is a substantial investment that should last for years. If you are looking for the appeal of hardwood floors in your home, you may want to consider which type of flooring would serve your purpose the best: Laminate wood style flooring or hardwood. Each type of flooring has its pros and cons, and if you understand the characteristics of each one it will be easier to make the most appropriate choice for your floors.

Pros and Cons  

As you are trying to choose the best flooring for your room, consider how the area is used. Look at things like how much foot traffic is in the room, the potential for spills and moisture in the room and if you want to invest in the resale value of your home. The look of laminate wood style flooring has been greatly improved in recent years, and either laminate or real wood will give you the look of hardwood flooring, so understanding what you want to achieve by installing your new flooring will help you choose the right material for your lifestyle and goals.

Choosing a Floor

When Moisture is a Concern 

If you have a room that has a lot of moisture in or around it, then real hardwood may not be the best choice. A disadvantage of hardwood is that humidity and moisture can damage the floor or cause it to swell. Laminate, on the other hand, is generally installed with moisture resistant barrier, and it is constructed from engineered wood products. If your room has the potential of excess moisture, laminate is often the most practical choice.

Simple Installation  

 Another thing to think about is how easy the flooring material is to install. If you are planning to install the floor by yourself, then you may want to think twice about installing a hardwood floor. Generally hardwood flooring is not the best choice for a novice, weekend project. A laminate floor, however, is pretty easy to install, and if you are at all handy, you should be able to install it without too much trouble. Usually a laminate floor is installed as a floating floor, and the laminate panels lock together with a tongue and grove construction. You can find laminate in a large variety of styles and colors that mimic just about any type of hardwood flooring available, check here.

Busy Family 

 When you are looking a the best flooring choice for a high traffic area, the two materials really run neck and neck for durability. While a hardwood floor may scratch or dent a little more easily than laminate, a hardwood floor can be refinished and brought back to “like new” condition. A laminate floor is quite durable; but it can chip, and when it does you do not have the option of refinishing it. Also consider how much sunlight an area gets, because hardwood is much more likely to fade than laminate. Under general conditions laminate flooring lasts about twenty years, while hardwood flooring will last a lifetime if it s properly maintained.

 Cost versus Value 

One of the biggest variables between the two flooring materials is the price. Hardwood flooring is usually more expensive than even the best laminate floor; however, a real hardwood floor will generally add to the resale value of your home while a laminate floor will not make a substantial difference in the resale value. Consider if the extra expense is worth the potential increase in the resale value of your house.

3 Mindsets for Motivation at Work

3 Mindsets for Motivation at Work

Read on for 3 Very Simple Mindsets You Can Use Right Now to Feel More Motivated at Work:

  1. The, I OWN THIS COMPANY mindset – the next time you walk through those doors at your job I want you to take a good look around and pretend you own everything you’re seeing. You’re not just an employee, you own this place. This isn’t “their” company it’s yours so work as if you own it. You have to become the brand of this company/organisation; you’re the CEO so take tremendous pride in whatever it is you do daily. It doesn’t matter what your actual job title is, approach all your tasks with enthusiasm and excellence.
  1. The, EVERYONE IS RELYING ON ME mindset – people need a reason to do things and these reasons are called the motivation. When a person’s motivation is too small he/she won’t be very productive. I want you to pretend that if you don’t go to work and produce excellent work that everything is going to go to hell and the whole company is going to deteriorate into absolute chaos. Try pretending that if you do not get that promotion your entire family is going to starve and die. Pretend that the entire world is secretly watching you every… single… day. You can’t mess this up, someone is relying on you: someone needs you!
Motivation at Work
  1. The, I AM EXCELLENCE mindset – you need to internalise excellence and become a representation of excellence. Everything you do is excellence because all you are is excellence. Think of success/excellence and work at being a representation of it. Do everything to the best of your ability because you realise that you are a successful person and that’s just what successful people do. Go here: for more information.

Those are 3 Mindsets for Motivation at work try them and see if it makes a difference. I just want to leave you with this: you might not like your job or boss or team very much but remember that you cannot change them. Yes you could quit your job and avoid the people you dislike but why not change yourself? Decide to have more positive thoughts and behave in a more productive way. What you do isn’t even nearly as important as how you do it, remember that. Learning to install new mindsets is going to help you, trust me I did it and you can too. Thanks for reading.

Watch 2021 Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream in Sweden

Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream

Sweden is one of the “Big Six” countries in the International Ice Hockey Competition. As a Swedish ice hockey fan, you must have heard of the NHL or National Hockey League in the US. The play-off round is going on, and soon the top two teams will collide for the Stanley Cup.

This article will tell you how you can watch the 2021 Stanley Cup Finals live stream from Sweden. So, stay tuned till the end to get all the information regarding watching the exciting finals.

Watch Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream in Sweden

Watch Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream in Sweden

Last year, the play-off round was played with 24 teams. But due to the ongoing pandemic this year, the number of teams was cut short to only 16. The teams are divided into four divisions. Previously it was two conferences, which changed in the 2020-21 season. After a few rounds of games, the top two teams will battle against each other to win the Stanley Cup.

However, the full league is available to watch to international viewers. Therefore, you also can watch it from your home in Sweden. The Swedish Ice Hockey team has a great reputation for playing against other countries in International Competitions. So, Sweden has got a pretty large Ice Hockey fan base.

The following channels will telecast the Stanley Cup Finals live stream in 2021 in Sweden:

V Sports Hockey

V Sports Hockey is a popular sports channel in Sweden for telecasting all major Hockey Events around the world. The channel is operated from the United Kingdom. Though its target audience is Swedish Hockey fans, V Sports Hockey is also available in Finland. So, you also can watch the Stanley Cup Finals from that country.

In Sweden, V Sports Hockey is available on both cable networks and broadband television. To watch the channel, you can subscribe to the Viasat Sport package via satellite. Viasat on Demand also offers online streaming with a little amount of subscription fee. The same methods apply if you want to watch it from Finland.

Did you watch the Stanley Cup Finals last year? It was an amazing week where the Tampa Bay Lightning secured victory. This year, once again, they can win the title. We are very excited to watch the Stanley Cup Finals live stream on V Sports Hockey. We guess you’re too.

Online Streaming

If you want to watch the game via online streaming, that’s possible too. There are many online tv streaming platforms that offer V Sports Hockey. Some of the popular platforms are SVT Play, TV4 Play, Kanal 5 play, etc. Before you subscribe to any of the services, check if they’re still offering V Sports Hockey. Also, compare the prices between them and finally select the one. Then enjoy the upcoming Stanley Cup Finals from Sweden.

Final Words

The article focuses on how to watch the Stanley Cup Finals live stream on V Sports Hockey from Sweden. As this channel is also available in Finland, you can watch the games from there too. Tampa Bay or Colorado, whoever wins, all that matters is enjoying the Ice Hockey games.

Ready to Assemble Furniture: Tips and Advice from a Mistake-Prone Home Owner

Ready to Assemble Furniture

Ready to assemble furniture has had a bad rap in years past. Cheap materials, undecipherable instructions and a need for massive amounts of aspirin never really seemed to add up to what you might have saved. Like many things though, RTA furniture has come a long way.

Although I was shocked after plunking down a wad of money at a major furniture store to discover that it was shipped in several boxes. Wait, hold the phone, I was so excited to own something brand new, that I chose and adored, rather than the hand-me-down, thrift store decor I was accustomed to, it never occurred to tool challenged me that I would have to assemble it.

Before Buying Ready to Assemble Furniture

Know your material. There is a pecking order to furniture material. Choose accordingly. At the lowest end of the spectrum are particleboard, medium density fiberboard and plywood. These are generally cheaper, but not particularly strong, browse around this website. If you foresee ever having to take it apart, chances are it will not survive the operation.

Laminate and wood veneer create passable, middle-of-the-road furniture pieces. Made from layers of plastic, plywood and/or thin slices of quality wood. In fact, since it looks like wood, but isn’t entirely, it won’t fade and is quite durable for the price.

Solid hardwood. Strong, and impressive hardwood will not be mistaken for particleboard, either when entertaining, or at the cash register. You will pay more for this material, but it is the sturdiest and often has interlocking, dovetailed joints.

Inspect floor models. If, at closer inspection, the piece of furniture you are eying up has a chipped veneer, gaps or unattractive wear and tear, don’t be fooled into thinking you will take better care of your furniture. Expect yours to wear the same, or worse than the piece calmly sitting on the showroom floor.

Ask Questions. Namely, can it be returned? What are the rules? I bought a coffee table from a furniture store last year. It seemed perfect, but once I brought it home realized immediately the color clashed with the rest of the room. Little did I know that I would only receive a portion of my money back?

How to Avoid Common Problems

How to Avoid Common Problems

Avoid splitting the wood. When driving a nail into the wood, place a strip of painters tape over the area. This will keep the wood, especially manufactured wood, together.

Avoid smashing your thumb. Invest in a nifty little tool that is magnetized and holds onto the nail or screw to keep your hands intact.

Avoid gaps. Like a basting stitch in sewing, place all the screws but refrain from tightly them all the way down until the pieces are together. This also avoids irreparable mistakes. I once put a plant stand together, upside down. It was still usable, and only I knew it was wrong. At least that’s what I told myself.

How to Watch NBA Finals 2021 Live Streaming from India

NBA Finals 2021 Live Streaming

India is one of the most populated countries in the world. Majority of which are golf fans. We guess you’re one of them and finding a way to watch NBA Finals 2021 live streaming. The good news is that the National Basketball Association will also stream the finals in India.

This article will provide you all the information regarding watching the exciting basketball event from India. So, continue reading till the end.

Watch NBA Finals 2021 Live Streaming from India

Watch NBA Finals 2021 Live Streaming from India

For the last few years, the NBA has seen a massive increase in Indian viewership. So, the NBA partnered with Fancode to stream the game in India every year. The partnership started in 2019, and this is the first time NBA partnered with an Indian streaming service.

Well, you may haven’t heard about Fancode. But if you watch sports regularly, you must have heard of Sony Sports Network. It holds the right to telecast NBA Finals in 2021.

Sony Sports Network is one of the largest sports television networks in India. It covers all the major sports events in India, including golf, football, wrestling, basketball, cricket, and much more. Sony is on top of the list to broadcast American sports events in India.

You can watch NBA Finals 2021 live streaming on Sony Sports through various methods. They have a lot of sports channels for Indians. Among them, Sony Six will stream the upcoming NBA Finals. Besides, some playoff games will also stream in Ten 1.

If you have access to these channels already, you can skip the following point. Or else read to know how to watch Sony Six and Ten 1 in India:

Sony Sports on Cable Network

Due to its popularity, almost every cable network provider in India offers both Sony Six and Ten 1. Dish TV, Tata Sky, Viacom, etc., offer these channels on demand. So, if you’re using one of these services, search the channel on your TV. If you fail to find them, contact your cable network providers.

Sony Liv App

Sony sports also have a dedicated app for smartphone users. You can watch all the contents of Sony on this app. The app doesn’t only include sports content but also has different media content from other TV channels of Sony.

The primary contents are free to watch on the app. However, to watch the NBA Finals, you’ll have to purchase a premium subscription. If you only want to subscribe for the NBA games, then you can get the monthly pack at Rs. 299 per month. However, our recommendation is to purchase the six-month plan at Rs. 699. You also can go for the yearly plan, which will cost you Rs. 999.


The NBA TV app is also available in India. So, you also can download it and subscribe to watch the exciting NBA Finals. In India, the NBA TV app costs only Rs. 99 per month with the league pass and Rs. 999 for one year pack.

Final Words

Final Words

The pandemic situation isn’t well in India currently. But you can relax by watching your favorite games. Watch NBA Finals 2021 live streaming on Sony Six and Ten 1 in July. It’s going to be an exciting month of basketball games.

Best Staple Gun for Picture Framing

Best Staple Gun for Picture Framing

Your picture has a value of more than a thousand words; a picture has the memories that make us happy and our emotions attached with our pictures.  People love to frame their memorable pictures, but to keep pictures safe, protective, and prominent, it is better to hang them with the wall.

You will need to hang picture frames with metallic nails, but only the best staple gun makes you able to push the pins properly to secure your picture frames. But you need the best staple gun for picture framing. For choosing the best one, read the below content.

When you need a staple gun for picture framing?

When you need a staple gun for picture framing

If you have small frames, you can hang them with simple stands or other ways, but it is not good when your frames are of medium size or large. For that purpose, you need to secure the frames with nails.

But proper nailing the picture frame is only possible when you choose the right gun for that purpose. It will create ease for you and will also give the best support to your picture frames.

How can you select the best staple gun for picture framing?

How can you select the best staple gun for picture framing

Here are some easy tips that will help you to choose the best nail gun for picture framing to secure them properly with ease and efficiency.

Choose the type of staple gun.

You have many choices to choose from the available types of staple guns. Staple guns are available in the three best forms such as electric staple guns that need electricity for powering; compressed air needs an air compressor to power and cordless staple gun that works on the base of batteries power.

When choosing the staple gun, keep in mind the available power source, but we will recommend your cordless staple gun for picture framing because it is easier to maintain and work on than electric and air compressor staple guns. You have charged the batteries now do your job without any worry about the power source. It also feasible to work at all places.


You may need to hand picture frames in difficult and small spaces where you need a staple gun that is easy to handle and feel comfortable using.

Suppose you are hanging the picture frame on a high wall where it is hard to stay, but you choose a lightweight and possible small-sized staple gun.

It will be easier for you to use the staple gun than a heavier and large size. So while selecting the staple gun for picture framing, keeps in mind the place where you will hang the picture frame.


You will need to hang the picture frames on different surfaces; sometimes, you may need Hardie trim, or sometimes you may need to hang on the concrete surface.

When you do not consider that point, you may get the right staple gun for picture framing at Hardie’s surface but not compatible with concrete material.

Modern staple gun comes with several features that make them suitable to work with the entire surface by adjusting. So when buying the staple gun, keep in mind the versatile feature and try to pick the staple gun with adjustable features to make it suitable for different materials.

Power Output

You do not have much time when framing pictures because you mostly hang them in critical places where it is hard to maintain your balance. So a good powering output is better, which helps you to complete your project perfectly and quickly.

Only a good power output staple gun will help you perform your task fast and push the nails with speed and force. So never forget that feature when buying a staple gun for picture framing.

User friendly

Only a user-friendly staple gun can be the best staple gun for picture framing. So always try to get a staple gun that is easy to operate and easy to maintain. Operation contains:

  • Loading of nails.
  • Removing jammed nails.
  • Cleaning the staple gun 
  • While using should comfortable, easy to carry, and safe to operate.

Only a user-friendly staple gun provides you better picture framing experience. Do not get the wrong staple guns that are good to use for other projects but not picture framing.


When we visit the market, we see many staple gun brands for picture framing. Some are cheaper but never compromise on quality because you may save some money on the purchase, but it will create many hurdles.

Only try to get the best quality staple gun for picture framing to make the picture framing experience better and smoother. Best quality staple guns come with anti-jam features that make them suitable to work with ease. Such staple guns are also long-lasting.


The magazine is the container where you will load the nails; it works like the gun magazines to load the bullets. You will see two major types of magazines, straight and coiled magazines.

Explicit magazines have less space for nail loading but are easy to load. But the coiled magazines offer a wider area for nail loading and are best for professional projects.

The magazine’s choice depends on your projects; if you are doing a DIY project, then a straight magazine is ok, but we only recommend a coiled magazine for professionals.

Firing Mechanism

The firing mechanism is also essential to consider; you should choose the mechanism that you feel comfortable with. There are two firing mechanisms contact mechanism and a single sequential mechanism.

Contact mechanism is slower but safer; single sequential is a quick way, but you needing some skills to use that mechanized staple guns.

It depends on you, but the single sequential mechanism is suitable for professional projects than a contact mechanism.

But only choose the single sequential mechanism if you are an expert; if not, then practice it first before setting it at work.

Final Thoughts

You have gone through our article; having the best staple gun for picture framing is necessary to make your picture framing experience better and smoother. After considering the above helpful features, you will get the best staple gun for your picture framing projects.

US Open Golf 2021 Live Stream: Tips for Spectators

US Open Golf 2021 Live Stream: Tips for Spectators

Golf is one of the most action-packed sports. And if it’s the annual US Open, then you know how adventurous it will be. Therefore, being a good spectator is not easy. Especially this year as it’s different from other editions due to the COVID-19. The US Open Golf 2021 live stream will be available around the world. But if you’ve got tickets for the event, follow our tips to make the best out of your day.

Tips Spectators Who Will Watch the US Open 2021 in Torrey Pines South Golf Course

Tips Spectators Who Will Watch the US Open 2021 in Torrey Pines South Golf Course

Hope you’ve completed your COVID-19 vaccination or will complete it at least 14 days before the event. Because if you don’t, you may not be able to enter the ground due to safety precautions. However, the following are some tips to enjoy the adventurous day:

  • First thing first, safety should be your top priority. Therefore, don’t forget to wear a mask. Besides, you won’t be given entry if you don’t have one. As you’ve to wear it for the whole day, get one which is comfortable for you.
  • Also, try bringing hand sanitizer with you. You’ll be touching a lot of surfaces. So it’s better to sanitize frequently.
  • Plan your spectating strategy before the game starts. You may want to sit close to a hole and see different groups. Or follow a particular group to different holes. You also can combine these strategies, which means walk a little and then sit a little.
  • If you want to follow your favorite star, it might be a little tricky. Please have a good idea of the ground to follow him properly. Anyway, you may not get the best position beside every hole.
  • Visit the course early in the morning when there aren’t many spectators. It will help you to plan your day better.
  • If it’s your first time, you may not know the rules regarding using phones in the arena. In the past, it was prohibited to bring mobile phones. However, now you can bring it with you, but you’ve to put it on silent mode always. Besides, you can’t take a smartphone with a larger than a 7-inch screen, which means no tab. Also, you’re not allowed to receive phone calls where play is going on. For that, there will be a dedicated place.
  • The weather can change anytime, so don’t forget to pack an umbrella. Besides, have a round hat with you.
  • Sturdy, but the lightweight shoe will be good as you’ll have to walk a lot.
  • Always have a pen and paper ready with you, as you may get a chance to get an autograph from your favorite players. Never ask for one during the play.

If you can follow these tips well, we’re sure you’ll have an amazing day to enjoy US Open Golf 2021 live stream.

If you can follow these tips well, we’re sure you’ll have an amazing day to enjoy US Open Golf 2021 live stream.

Final Thoughts

Proper planning always results in good things. If it’s your first time, you might find it tough to follow. But these tips should make it easy for you. However, whether you’re watching the US Open Golf 2021 live stream online or in person, the most important thing is to enjoy the actions.

Smile, You’re on Google Camera!

Smile, You're on Google Camera!

You can run….. but ya can’t hide!

Weird looking vans are patrolling the streets of major cities in North America and Europe as we speak, taking pictures of street-scapes and store-fronts.

Of course they also show pictures of things and people that would rather not be made too public like guys coming out of strip clubs, a thief climbing up the side of a house, women sunbathing topless, some guy having a leak, another one picking his nose, drunks and homeless people and even the case of a woman who googled another woman’s house.

She suspected that her husband was having an affair with her!

Guess what she saw?

Common…… guess!

Google Camera

Give up?

She saw her husband’s car PARKED OUT FRONT!!!!!!!

Now you have to remember that these are not “real time” events and the pictures can be weeks, months and even years old, but there is a general groundswell of people who are getting upset about this practise and calling it an “invasion of privacy!”

We have to tell you that Google obscures facial images and license plate numbers whenever possible but Canada’s privacy police wrote to Google about a year ago and informed them that “Street View” might not conform with our Federal privacy legislation, see more.

In particular, the privacy commissioner wrote, “images of individuals that are sufficiently clear to to be identified” are considered personal information protected by law.


Listen folks, when you go “out in public,” it’s called that for a reason.

You’re; “Going out in Public!”

Dammit, I don’t think it can get any clearer than that when the actual description of what you’re doing tells you exactly what you’re doing!

Listen bunky, even if what you’re doing is incompatible with what you should be doing, you’re not going out incognito, you’re not going out invisible, you’re also not going out indescribable, or insurmountably innocuous, or inscrutably, or indirectly, or incidentally.

Even if you only go out intermittently you can’t intellectualize it and expect indiscriminate indifference ….., just individual inequity.

Oh, you can be infinitely infinitesimal in your skulking, but Google will still infiltrate your infantile attempts at inappropriate behaviour and and record your inexact, inherently innumerable transgressions.

Yes folks, you’re out in public and no amount of indignation over any incident you get involved in will be enough to invoke a justifiable roar of indignation.

So get over it!


How to Select the Correct Office Furniture

How to Select the Correct Office Furniture

In the olden times, office furniture just consisted of a general desk for computer and a filing cabinet. On the other hand, in the recent times, there are all diverse types of technology that have come up today to accommodate our needs. For example, there are drafting tables, photocopiers, large network of workstation and a lot more to consider while buying.

When you are planning to spend something on office furniture, have you ever thought whether all the money that you are spending is worth it or not?

Low-priced Office Furniture Vs Labeled Office Furniture:

Low-priced Office Furniture Vs Labeled Office Furniture

You will be able to come across a wide-range of office furniture, which would be costing your rather moderately.

Brand name office furniture is always better to buy because it is decked up with contemporary designs and especially the comfort it provides is worth to spend money on. The only major reason behind this is even if the workers have to work for long hours, the furniture would keep providing them comfort.

For instance, you will be able to see a lot of IT companies, who at times require their employees to wait for long hours and work. While planning their office furniture, their top most priority is to provide comfort to the body which would later transfer ease to the mind for better functioning at long hours.

A majority of business owners pair with discounted office furniture. In spite of everything, how much more they would shell out in making their workers more comfortable at workplace. And there return on investments is very low as well.

Opinions for Work Security & Tax Write-Offs:

When Money is No Concern

While working at offices, a lot of people face carpal tunnel syndrome. The reason behind this syndrome is bad posture which could be fixed by brand name office furniture products, see details. A lot of company owners think that brand office furniture would reduce the company’s responsibility for this syndrome.

To save some money, a lot of businesses make sure that they spend their money in shopping at the eleventh-hour. In this manner, they don’t have to wait an entire year for their money returns.

When Money is No Concern:

When money is not a concern while buying office furniture, you should firstly consider safety. You can buy chairs which have supportive backs and ergonomically designed keyboards and mice that keep your worker away from carpal tunnel are worth buying.

Safety is crucially important, and then you can go for any style or brand. Positive feelings come from a pleasantly decorated office space that could inspire the employees to work. You can team this up with elegant colors and styles to enhance creativity and performance as well. In the last part, it is recommended to have an accountant for a good advice on tax, keeping safety into attention and a strong desire to buy the most excellent office furniture for your business.

Antique Dealers Learn to Spot Trends in Consumer Buying

Antique Dealers Learn to Spot Trends in Consumer Buying

As with any business, the most successful entrepreneurs have a natural ability to spot trends, learn to stay ahead of them and be prepared when they hit. Successful antique dealers think the same way.

Listening the the Buyers

Listen to the buyers. Note their requests. If enough people suddenly begin asking for bakelite jewelry, the dealer should consider building an inventory of bakelite pieces. When retro furniture stops selling, the dealer could put sale tickets on them or hold them back and reinvest in earlier pieces. It could mean there is a very good chance the next wave of Victorian or Mission oak antiques is about to hit.

Style in the Media Predicts Trends

Style in the Media Predicts Trends

Style in the media often predicts trends. Popular periodicals like Martha Stewart Living, Victoria and Country Living Magazine, have a huge influence of what people buy, and it’s a good idea to subscribe to those magazines to do some antique trend-spotting. Television programs like Antiques Roadshow have been known to create a buzz around a certain antique, and if anything, the dealer might gain more knowledge from the program.

It also makes good sense to subscribe to antiques journals like Journal of Antiques and Collectibles, New England Antiques Journal, and Main Antique Digest, to name a few. And there are numerous online journals to peruse regularly in order to stay in touch with trends in the antiques world.

EBay’s Completed Listings

Dealers who make a habit of watching the completed items on eBay can see what the trends are. Some trends on eBay may be short lived, like the paint-by-number paintings people were paying exorbitant amounts of money for in recent years. This was a direct result of the craze for shabby chic, cottage style, junk style and flea market style – all styles that were well-promoted in home decorating magazines. And styles like these do eventually go by way of the cherubs and passimenterie of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Many antiques sold on eBay do have staying power and the closed listings are useful trend-spotting tools. EBay dealers did do well with those vintage paint-by-numbers, however short lived the trend.

According to eBay’s most recent Pulse offering for antiques, sterling silver, all silver, oak furniture and antique furniture in general, old clocks and clockworks, lamps, quilts, and anything art deco, top the most often searched list in the antiques categories. It’s a very good indication of what people want, but an indication of what they want now.

Google Trends and Antique Trends

Short-lived Annual Trends

Seasonal antiques are short-lived annual trends that sellers should take full advantage of. Buy the vintage Christmas lots at auction in the summer, but hold them back until November in order to maximize the sales and pricing.

If the town has an upcoming historical celebration like a centenary, buy related regional antiques well in advance of the celebration date. Events like these often bring in throngs of people interested in owning a piece of local history. Short-lived annual trends are obvious to predict and antique dealers who pay attention are prepared for them.

Google Trends and Antique Trends

Google Trends is a wonderful little online widget that shows what people are searching for on the Internet via Google’s search button, when they search for it, and where in the world they are searching from. As of June, 2010, the search terms for American art, arts and crafts, and modernism all show downward trends in searches, which could mean antiques and collectibles of these genres are going out of favor.

The tough economy does have effect on selling antiques which aren’t essential items and this certainly plays a role in people’s buying patterns. Using Google Trends is a good way to find those patterns.

Good trend-spotting and being open to change, could help antique dealers move their businesses forward, something to consider in challenging times.

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