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How to Put Waves in Hair with Straightener?

How to Put Waves in Hair with Straightener

Waves in hair look fantastic and give a charming look to your face. Have you tried to put waves in your hairs?

It may seem simple, but it is not as simple as you think; you may use many techniques to make waves in your hairs from

But the most authentic and best way to put waves in hairs is the straightener. You may get confused to listen about the straightener; no need to be confused; we will guide you on putting waves in hairs with straighteners in a perfect way.

Guidelines to put waves in hair with straightener:

Here are below step-by-step guidelines for you to put waves in your hair with a straightener. Follow these simple steps and get the perfect waves hairstyle.

Step One:

Wash your hairs and make them dry before making waves, clean and dry hairs make your job easy than dirty hairs; mostly, when you use a hair straightener, dirty hairs will burn and stuck in the straightener.

Step two:

When you have washed and made your hairs dry, then select a small section of hair, and start with clamping down your hair straightener in a gentle way towards the upper side of the hair section.

Do not apply much force and not go too quickly; you may face burning and breaking hair.

Step Three:

Now pull the straightener down the section of hair, same as you do in everyday hair straightening.

But keep in mind when you reach the moment where you want to make a wave stop pulling down the straightener and make a wave at that point.

Follow the same process for each point where you want to continuously put a wave and keep moving on your straightener continuously downward and put a wave at each point where you want in the hair section.

You may face difficulty at the start but will become perfect after two or three tries.

Step Four:

Now set the heating level at 180 degrees in your hair straightener and keep it away from your face, and pull down the straightener on the remaining hair in a gentle way.

Follow this entire step for each section of your hair, but make sure you have selected thin sections; it will be easy for you to put waves in your hair than thick hair sections.

Final step:

If you want to keep your hair waves for long hours, you should have some products to apply to your hair.

Many products are available for maintaining waves in your hair for more time than usual.

Do not try to apply these products with fingers or hands; always use hairspray for applying these products on your hair.

If you want to maintain your style, do not touch with wet hands or cover the hair with thick clothes.

hair with straightener

Final Thoughts:

Waves in hair give a very charming look and enhance your personality, especially for women. It is not a formidable job and can perform in various ways, but hair straighteners are the best tools to put waves in hair than all others.