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Is It Easy To Change A Door Lock?

Is It Easy To Change A Door Lock

You are going to shift in a new house, but you see that these door locks are old, and all keys are not handed to you.

It is a better idea to replace all the door locks to keep you safe and secure. Sometimes, our lock keys are lost, and we want to replace the door lock.

Most people go for the locksmith for replacing the door lock, but things are not much complicated. Replacing a door lock is quite simple, and you can change your own door lock without many hurdles.

How to Change a Door Lock

We will share a simple way that will help you replace your door lock with ease. Please go through our article is it easy to change a door lock and know about door lock replacement and save your money or you may visit at

How to Change a Door Lock?

Please read our below-provided steps carefully and change your room and home door locks with great ease.

  • First of all, you need to take measurements of the dimensions of the door lock. Your old door lock has a hole, so only measure the dimensions of the lock. But if you are dealing with a new door, you will need to make a measured hole in the door to fit the lock.
  • Now take out the old damaged lock and take it to the store. Ask the shopkeeper to provide you the same size and features lock. It will make things simple for you to adjust and fit the new door lock in your door. So, never try to replace it with different otherwise, you will need new adjustments and a new hole for the door lock’s fitting.
  • When you have decided and choose the lock for your door, take it home and unpack the lock, you have taken the same size and dimension lock, then things will be quite simple for you.
  • What you want to do just slide out the bolt into the hole of the door from outside. Once you ensure that it comes in the center of the hole, then mount the plate down with the help of a screw.
  • Now there is a need to connect the interior and exterior plates of your door lock. It will be helpful for you if you use long size screws. 
  • Now connect the base of the interior plate with an outer plate. You need to fasten the lock, but you need to take care and check that cylinder of your lock appropriately connected with the deadbolt. Next, you need to tighten it.
  • Your lock has been fixed, and you just need to cover it with a decorative base plate. Now check the lock from inside and outside. Everything is ok; your task has been completed.

Final Thoughts:

change the door locks

We need to change the door locks for many reasons; it requires some experts’ replacement services, but it is a minor task.

Changing the door lock is an easy task, and you can change it yourself. Just follow the steps that we have provided in our article is it easy to change a door lock.