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What Are The Great Benefits Of Having A Smartwatch?


Smart watch is one of the latest products in the smart technology. Smart watches give you information such as time, steps, notifications, and so on. Smart watches are also called wearable gadgets. It is an electronic device that monitors your health and lifestyle. The main purpose of a smart watch is to measure your activity levels, sleep patterns, calories consumed, etc. They are becoming more popular day by day because they help people keep track of their daily activities.

6 Huge Advantages of Having a SmartWatch

Here are the few steps to understand how a smart watch works:

1. Notifications

The smart watch shows an alert on its LCD, which is fashioned like a smartphone’s screen. The idea behind this feature is that the Gear VR provides both notifications and communication screens to see your messages or calls without removing your goggles. You can turn off the alerts with one-touch settings though; you will still receive reminders about incoming phone texts but it won’t show up in virtual reality itself.

2. Motion-sensitive

A smart watch has motion detection to coordinate application activities with the user’s activity level. For instance, if you start jogging while looking at your wrist and see a message indicating someone calling for an important business meeting, it should alert you by vibrating without removing your gaze from its screen. This concept comes in handy while communicating via text messages through virtual reality texting functionality offered by VR headsets.

3. Activity tracker

A smart watch tracks how much you move each day. When the amount of daily movement falls, it calculates your fitness level and broadcasts this information for private use.

4. Connectivity feature:

When two devices are connected with “Bluetooth” enable mode on they can now talk to each other using PTT (Push-To-Talk) functionality or share files across multiple apps that support online file sharing technology called File system. The processor inside Samsung gear smart watch enables PTT function. Hacer clic aquĆ­ to find out extra resources on when you need additional reading about smartwatches.

5. GPS Function

A smart watch has a built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) to track your location in real time without extra accessories for headsets becoming necessary. This feature is useful when you want the Gear VR to notify you of an important notification while being on a mission, but can’t find it at all because it’s hard to use voice recognition features due to lack of reception or just can’t remember where you left your phone.

6. Phone connectivity

Samsung Gear VR will function as a mini screen for your standard smartphone through its wire connection option, but it isn’t necessary since other features such as virtual gravity and orientation sensing feature could still identify the owner of the headset even without an actual paired device.  This is because many smart watches today have Bluetooth functionality to connect with smartphones while some do not support this while others have a built-in micro USB port to connect with smartphones instead.


You can use your Reloj inteligente Comentarios to check your daily tasks, but you can also use it to control your music player, read the news, and even receive notifications for incoming calls. You can even use it as a remote shutter for taking pictures or videos with the help of its camera. Many apps will enhance the capabilities of your smart watch in order to make them more functional.