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What Can You Make With a 3D Printer?

What Can You Make With a 3D Printer

You might be wondering, what can you make with a 3d printing machine? We’ve listed 67 awesome ideas below to get you started. Make a robot, a musical instrument, or a phone case. With a 3D printer, anything is possible. With the right tools and materials, you can even create the perfect model for your child. In no time, you’ll be designing your own 3D models of toys, jewelry, or anything else you can dream up!

67 inspiring 3d printing ideas

If you want to learn 3D printing, try building a retro sign using colorful filament. This will help you sharpen your 3D printing skills. You can also make a fully functioning electric unicycle, using designs from 3D printing websites and software. In both cases, you will learn a valuable skill while using a 3D printer. And because 3D printing is so flexible and versatile, you can customize your signs in many ways.

Making a Robot

Making a Robot

A 3D printer is a handy tool for building your robot. A basic printer will generally print with a precision of 0.2mm, which is more than enough for a robot to function. There are many different ways to customize your printer to build the robot of your dreams. Learn how to make a robot below! Once you have a 3D printer, you’re ready to print! Just follow these steps to make your robot as realistic as possible! In Pick3DPrinter, we help users utilize the benefits offered by 3D printing.

Making a musical instrument

Learning about different musical instruments is an excellent way to incorporate 3D printing into your curriculum. Here are a few options for creating a musical instrument. You can design a croaking frog with a stick in its mouth. You can also find links to make a model hat if you’d prefer. Wind instruments are easy to create using PLA filaments, and the ocarina is exotic and recognizable.

Making a phone case

To make a phone case with a 3d printing device, you’ll first need to design the case. This involves taking measurements of the phone, replicating the features, and adding your own personal touches. To design a phone case, download a template from sites like Thingiverse. Once you’ve designed the case, you can use 3D modeling software to modify it to fit the phone perfectly.

Making a soap dish

There are several advantages of making a soap dish using a 3D printer. First, you’ll get a soap dish with drainage holes for your soap. This will help your soap stay fresh for longer, and will also catch leftover bubbles and soapy water. Second, you’ll save a lot of space, as your soap dish will be reusable. Third, you’ll be able to add labels to your soap.

Making a carabiner

Making a carabiner

A 3D printer is a great tool for making small parts, such as carabiners. Almost any 3D printer should be able to print a carabiner. However, some printers are not capable of printing small parts, including carabiners. Therefore, making your own carabiner can be dangerous. Make sure to use the correct printer settings to avoid any problems.


The first step to making a door lock with a 3d printing machine is designing the components. It is important to design the curtains and levers to fit the door and bolt, and to angle them in the correct direction. You should also design the casing to be large enough to accommodate the full rotation of the curtain. Then, you can print the rest of the components, including the bolt and the handle.