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What is ProHydrolase and How Does it Help You?

What is ProHydrolase and How Does it Help You

You may have heard about this supplement before, but have no idea how it works. You may have heard about its benefits for your immune system or how it helps you with digestive discomfort, but what exactly is it? The enzyme breaks down proteins in your body, so it can help with everything from protein digestion to your Leucine levels. Now, let’s find out. Firstly, how does ProHydrolase help you?

Digestive Discomfort

The benefits of ProHydrolase for digestion are clear. It increases the level of amino acids in the blood, particularly branch chain amino acids, which play a vital role in muscle recovery and synthesis. This bio-sufficient enzyme is a great addition to meal replacements and protein supplements. It helps break down protein into a form that your body can utilize, minimizing the discomfort associated with digestion.

Immune System Function

Immune System Function

ProHydrolase is an enzyme blend that supports the immune system. It contains DPP IV activity, which aids in the digestion of dairy proteins and gluten. It also includes papain and serratiopeptidase, which help maintain a healthy lactose metabolism. The ingredients in this enzyme blend have several beneficial effects on the immune system and are a great way to improve the overall health of your body.

Protein Digestion

A new protein digestive enzyme, ProHydrolase, has recently been launched. The company has proudly displayed the enzyme on its label. However, the company won’t divulge the exact quantity of the enzyme in the formula. Nonetheless, the ingredient has been shown to aid in protein digestion and help with weight loss. It has been proven in both human and in vitro studies to decrease the production of C-reactive protein and the formation of large peptides that are often associated with digestive problems. Look at this to discover a useful reference on ProHydrolase.

Leucine Levels

Supplementing with leucine is a great way to increase your muscles. Although leucine is readily available in most foods, there are a few reasons why you might want to increase your intake of this essential amino acid. These include the need to increase muscle mass and the prevention of protein degradation in muscle wasting conditions. Likewise, leucine may be useful for recovering from intense physical activity. However, the research is mixed when it comes to the effectiveness of leucine.

Effects on Post-Workout aminoacidemia

Effects on Post-Workout aminoacidemia

The clinical study examining the effects of ProHydrolase found that it significantly increased the amount of amino acids taken up by the body following a resistance exercise session. Aminoacidemia is the high uptake of amino acids in the blood following intense exercise. This effect was especially notable for the whey protein group. A study conducted by Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes showed that ProHydrolase improved post-workout aminoacidemia in men.