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What Size Trolling Motor Do I Need For My Boat?

What size trolling motor do i need for my boat

If you are planning to go fishing in your new boat then you need to first buy a trolling motor which is most suitable for your board. You can find such trolling motor form online or local stores. One question which everyone feels confused with is which trolling motor will be right for them. There are a lot of things you need to consider in order to buy a trolling motor. If you really do not want to face troubles when you go fishing then you need to consider all these things. Here at GlobalMarineRenewAble.Com website, you can find several things which will be helpful and informational for you to select the best trolling motors.

Consider Where You Mount The Trolling Motor

The first thing you need to consider before buying a motor is where you want to use it. There are mainly three ways where you can mount your trolling motor.

• Bow – When you equip your trolling motor to the bow position then you will get a lot of options to control your boat. You can connect these motors to the front of the boat and easier to control in the water.

• Transom – For the people who want to take a small boat for fishing you can connect the trolling motor to the back of the boat. You can control the boat by hand which is yet another amazing feature of this type of mounting on the motor.

• Engine – If you do not want to limit the space of the boat due to trolling motor then you can use a plate to connect it outside the boat. You do not have to stow the boat to use this style of trolling motor.

What size of motor do you require for the boat?

size of trolling motor

Also, check out the size of trolling motor you need to use in your boat. It will help in providing a proper boost to your boat so that you can sail easily in any type of water.

• Thrust – It is very important that you consider the thrust of the boat before using any type of motor. You need to consider the weight of the boat in order to use a thrusting motor. For every 100 pounds of weight of the boat, you need to get 2-pound thrust.

Volts – You need to consider a certain number of factors when you use battery power for the thrust. A 24-volt battery is considered ideal for 69-80 lbs of thrust in the boat.

• Shaft Length – Check out the size of the shaft as you need to keep it at medium. If it’s not submerged properly then you won’t get enough thrust.

What Style Of Motor Do You Need To Consider Buying?

Also, check out various styles of motors you can choose for yourself which will be quite helpful for you. This will really help you in having better control over the functioning of your motorboat. You can prefer any type of steering options to ensure that you enjoy using your boats.

What Style Of Motor Do You Need To Consider Buying

• Electric steer motor – Electric steer motor is quite helpful and you won’t have to spend too much time to control it.

• Hand Control Motors – You can steer the boat with a handle which is a traditional way of controlling the boat.

• Cable Steer motors – Bass fisherman use this type of control as it is quite good for controlling the boat in shallow water.

Where are you going for fishing in trolling motor?

Where are you going for fishing in trolling motor

This is yet another thing which you need to consider before buying trolling motor if you want it to last for a longer period of time. Such little thing matters a lot to help you avoid certain issues.

• In saltwater – Using a trolling motor in saltwater can cause issues like rusting and you need to buy a motor with better protective coatings.

Freshwater – You won’t face too much trouble in using the trolling motor in freshwater and easier controls.

These are some of the things which can help you with buying a trolling motor. You can do the installation of trolling motors yourself as all you need to do is follow some simple steps. You can find various installation guides online to help you with it. Just make sure that you do not compromise on the quality for the price as you do not want to get stuck in the middle of the lake due to issues with your trolling motors.