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What to Do After Submitting a Job Application?

What to Do After Submitting a Job Application

It’s essential to follow up with companies and organizations you are interested in working for, even if they don’t immediately respond to your initial inquiry. It can be tempting to give up after a while, but it is always better to take the initiative and try again than not bother at all.

How to Follow Up On Job Application?

A job application is a formal document that an individual submits when applying for a position in the company. It should include all relevant qualifications, skills, education, and work history. However, even after submitting their resume or other documents, there are still ways to bestow your interest in the position. Here are some tips on how to follow up on a job application.

1. Be Professional

Professionalism means being courteous, focused, and respectful. A person is a professional when they are passionate about what they do while understanding the responsibility they have in the workplace. It also means following through on commitments like meeting deadlines or providing quality work.

It is important to remember that they are applying for a job, not asking someone out on a date. Keep the tone professional at all times.

2. Be Persistent

Job Application

Be persistent with following up your resume or application, but don’t overdo it. Asking an employer every day if they have received it can make you look desperate; instead, send a follow-up email or leave an encouraging call once in a while.

Demonstrating your commitment to the job and company is important, but so is demonstrating patience. Being too pushy can convey that you are desperate for any position, not just this particular one.

3. Keep It Brief

If you are following up on your resume or job application, it is important to keep the conversation brief. Just a sentence or two will do. Don’t wait until you get a hold of them and then ramble about how great an employee you would be for them. If they have already decided that they are not interested in you, there is no reason to waste time on a phone call. Be professional about it and move on to the next place to submit your resume or application.

4. Send a Thank You Note

Send a thank-you note or letter after a job interview, not a follow-up email. The tone of the letter should be formal and polite while also demonstrating your appreciation for having the opportunity to interview. Don’t include any personal statements about how great an employee you would be, and this is not the place for that.

5. Be Patient

Be Persistent

When following up with a company after submitting your resume or application, wait until the appropriate time has passed before doing so. If it’s been two weeks since you have heard from them, then that is a good time to make a follow-up call. It’s also a good idea to check teletalkbd in if it has been half a year since you submitted your documents.

However, remember that there are hundreds of other resumes and applications going into this company for the same position as yours. If they haven’t gotten to yours yet, they probably aren’t thinking about it very much. There are so many applicants that the company is required by law to review all applications for a set amount of time before making any decisions.


I hope you enjoyed this blog on some of the best ways to follow up on your job application. When you wait for days before following up on your application, it can be seen as desperation. You want to show that you’re interested in the position, not that you need the job!