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How Does a Tow Truck Work?

How Does a Tow Truck Work?

Before you understand the process, you need to know what a tow truck does. Tow trucks can come in several different styles, including Wheel-lift, Flatbed, Boom, and Bracket systems. Here is a quick primer on each type of tow truck. These vehicles use various mechanisms to lift vehicles. You might have a tough time understanding how these vehicles work, but you’ll be glad you read this.

Wheel-lift tow trucks

Wheel-lift tow trucks

A wheel-lift tow truck is a truck with a specialized attachment for removing vehicles from the ground. Typically, these trucks are used by independent drivers or towing companies. Wheel-lift tow trucks are often smaller than conventional tow trucks. While the attachment is smaller than a traditional tow truck, they are still effective at moving cars. Here are some details about how a wheel-lift tow truck works.

Flatbed tow trucks

A flatbed tow truck has a platform that looks like a bed. These trucks are usually made of aluminum or steel. They have several compartments that can hold different types of equipment or vehicles. The hollow spaces in the bed can be used to secure towing chains and ratchets. The vehicle can then be driven up onto the flatbed platform. This method is more convenient than flatbed towing since it prevents further damage to the vehicle being towed.

Boom tow trucks

Boom tow trucks are used to transport large, heavy vehicles and equipment. While not as common as flatbeds, boom tow trucks are the only option for removing heavy vehicles. They work by lifting the vehicle by a large amount and placing it on a boom. To learn more about the boom tow truck and how it works, check out the websites below. These trucks are very expensive and can be very useful for small jobs.

Bracket system tow trucks

When it comes to towing, there are many types of tow trucks, but two of them are preferred by most car owners: hook and chain tow trucks and bracket system tow trucks. These tow trucks use less manual labor when hooking up your car to their bed. When you are in need of a tow, you should ask the tow truck owner for their preferred method, and make sure to ask about the experience level of the operator.

Integrated tow trucks

Integrated tow trucks are trucks with an additional axle, making them more stable and able to lift large, heavy loads. These trucks are also equipped with arms that are embedded into the core of the truck. Professional towing service Santa Clara know how to match the right truck to your needs and can get you on your way again quickly. For more information on how an integrated tow truck works, read on! Let us take a closer look!

King dolly

Towing on a king dolly is different from wheel lift towing because the vehicle must be off the road. A king dolly is a set of wheels that is added underneath a car. It has a long horizontal connecting structure that has a gap in the middle for the car’s wheels to fit into. The only time the car’s wheels will contact the ground is when the truck is towing the vehicle.