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What are the Truck Dash Cams and Why do you Need one?

which dash cam can i use for a semi-truck

Dash cams offer effective control to the truck drivers over their fleet safety along with the increased visibility feature. A dash cam helps the truck drivers by reducing the number of accidents and helps in lower collision costs. In addition to this, a dash cam also serves as the indisputable evidence of the accident and other driving hazards and helps you know about the right cause of the accident that ensures you are completely safe and secure.

What is the best dash cam for semi-truck drivers?

What is the best dash cam for semi-truck drivers

When it comes to finding which dash cam can i use for a semi-truck then you have lots of options available in the market. You have to decide that which dash cam is right for your semi-truck by looking their features and price. Whatever you choose, it is essential for you to ensure that the dash cam you choose will record the high-quality footage so that you do not have to face any issues whenever you need it. Here are some of the most important factors that you can consider whenever you are going to find a right dash cam for your operations:


First of all, it is important for you to look for a dash cam that has enough storage option so that all the footage is available for future access. There are two storage options available for you that are memory card or micro SD card that allows saving certain amount of videos and internet-connected dash cams that can automatically upload the footage and videos to the cloud and save the footage for long-lasting time.

Internet connectivity

Whenever you are going to buy a dash cam for your semi-truck, it is beneficial for you to look that the dash cam has the internet connectivity or not. The internet connections or WiFi allow the dash cam footage to automatically upload on the cloud so that you can easily access them in the future without having any hassle.



There are different methods to install the dash cams on your vehicle that are an adhesive or suction cup. Adhesive attachments are generally a good option for you that offer easy, quick and secure installation so that you can enjoy it for long time.

Image resolution

The quality of video recorded by the dash cam is also one most important thing to consider that require while reviewing the video footage. You can take a look at the dash cam with a wide dynamic range that helps you to know about the quality of video recorded by the dash cam. You have to make proper investigation and make sure to find the one best dash cam for your semi truck that offers high quality image resolution and comes within your affordable prices.

Front facing dash camera

The front facing dash cams are designed to increase the visibility for higher safety conscious fleet managers. These dash cams can capture best quality video through the g-sensor of the road ahead. The black box camera can be easily mounted on the windscreen within less time and offer high visibility into the operations to the semi-truck drivers and fleet managers.

The front facing dash cams also use the sensors to detect the accidents and easily upload the videos and footage to the dashboard so that you can access the footage anytime whenever you want.

Dual facing dash cams

The dual facing dash cams can easily capture outward facing video and inward-facing video for a comprehensive look at both sides of the road. These dash cams are designed specifically to improve the driver behaviour and offer clear view of the outside surrounding. It also enables the fleet managers to detect the dangerous and distracted driving quickly so that they can keep themselves safe and secure.

So, there are different kinds of dash cams are available in the market for the semi-truck drivers in different price, features, and capabilities that allow you a safe and secure ride. If you want to know which dash cam can i use for a semi-truck then you have to make proper research and find the one best dash cam with better image resolution and internet connectivity features so that you can keep yourself safe.