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How to Build a Garage Door Panel?

How to Build a Garage Door Panel

Garage doors can be built on your own from home which aids you avoid splurging. Roll up sectional garage is the common type of door employed for garage amongst many. In general, it possesses three sections which can be mounted horizontally and hinged together. The garage door repair Atlanta GA slides with rollers on track is generally attached to either sides of door frame. This article is all about building such door for your doors.

Materials needed:

 Electrical saw
 Wood glue
 Heavy duty hinges and screws
 Rollers
 Tape measure
 Nails
 1 ½ by 2 studs
 1/8 inch plywood
 Door handles
 Hammers

These are the tools necessary to build a garage door on your own.

Building a garage door:

Building a garage door

 Width and height of door opening should be measured. Make it 12ft wide and 9ft high door opening.
 Split the total height into three and make three panels in the width of door measurement for the height obtained. So here, the panel here is 12 feet by 3 feet.
 Take 1 ½ inch wood studs to the width of the door less 2 inches and cut two pieces. This is to let the door roll with an ease. Cut the studs 9 feet by 142 inches for the top frame.
 Now take the 1 ½ by 2 studs to the height of the panels which is less than 2 inches and cut two pieces. It should be positioned between two top pieces.
 Take two 34-inch pieces and place it between two 9 ft pieces on each end. It helps you to complete the rectangular shaped frame.
 It is time to bring the wooden pieces together. Nail and glue the woods for better results.
 Follow the same procedure to make three panels.
 Now, plywood should be cut into three sheets such as 12 ft by 3ft. Glue the plywood to the frames.
 The top and bottom should be nailed with a roller of 3ft on each side. Yes, each panel has four rollers.
 Now roll the panels onto the tracks.
 The panels are screwed together on the top of another track. Stick one panel should on another and it must at least possess three hinges. Make sure the hinges are places one on each end as well as one in centre. This paves a way for ease of use while rolling up the garage doors.
 It is time to attach one door handle inside and one on outside.

This is the simplest as well as effectual way of building a roll up door for your garage. Numerous online tutorials are available in internet which is useful if you aren’t up to above mentioned DIY ideas. The same garage doors can be built in various ways. Depends on your convenience, you can rely on the one which suits you the most.

Hope this article has enlightened you with the best way of build your garage door.