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How to Change a Commercial Door Lock?

How to Change a Commercial Door Lock

The commercial door lock is mainly used for the purpose of office, school, colleges, and other work area. The work areas are mostly used the commercial door lock rather than the residential door lock, because the commercial door lock is safer and easy to use and has a capable for long living. This is because in work areas many people will come, so that for every opening it has to still remain constant and safe. So, that only people without minding the cost they fit the commercial door for their work stations.

Ways to change the commercial door lock:

Ways to change the commercial door lock

As we can also change the commercial door lock as per our wish and needs. As the commercial door lock is available in many types, we can select what we like and need. We can change the commercial door lock by buying a new lock for commercial door and separate all the parts individually to align it correctly at Make sure before fitting the new lock to the door, which one is to be fit on the upper part and which one is to be fit on the other parts on the door, it is to be followed for avoiding the confusion while fitting the new commercial door lock. Before fitting the new door lock we have to remove the old commercial door lock, and then fit the new commercial door lock in the already existing holes which is done for the first time, we can use the same holes are fit the new lock, if we decided to fit the new lock in the same place. First to fit the inside bolts to the commercial door tightly, as the bolt can be fall when removing other parts in the door. So, before fitting the bolts, you have to make sure that all the other parts are also removed and then start to fit the inside the bolts. While fitting the new bolts, we should conscious on not to damage the side areas on the commercial door lock.

The next main thing is to fit the lock cylinder in the door as it makes to work the commercial door to work on process. The lock cylinder will be fitted from the side of the door by using a duplicate key to fit on the door, after fitting the lock you should tight that with the bolts to stick tightly in the door. Then from the other side of the commercial door fit all other necessary bolts and make it strong as that should not fall down when we try to open the lock with a duplicate key. After fitting all the new bolts to the commercial door, you have to test whether the door work correctly and all the bolts are fit properly. To check this we have to use a duplicate or spare key by putting it in to the lock and turn it slightly, if the door opens and the bolts are not fall, all the fittings are done properly and the commercial door lock you changed newly is ready for use.