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How to Reset Padlocks Combination?

How to Reset Padlocks Combination

You need more security for your homes and especially your valuable items to keep them in safety.

We have varieties of locks in the market, but there is no match of combination locks. They are very secure that it is impossible to unlock without proper codes.

The mechanism of operating the padlock combination locks consists of numbers and symbols. They are expensive but very secure locks in the world.

You need to set the four digits combination for the unlocking purpose. There includes a wheel for every number, visit at

We can rotate the wheel, set the number of our choice, and set any of your padlock combination codes.

But everybody wants to know how to reset the padlock combination. Please read our article and know the ways to reset the combination locks.

How to reset padlocks combination?

How to reset padlocks combination

The process of resetting the padlock combination is quite simple but needs proper care while you are setting.

Please follow the simple steps at that we provide you in our below article and know how to reset the padlock combination.

• First of all, check that which setup of codes needs serial number or symbols for your locks combination.
• Check both sides of the lock; you will find a small hole on the left side of the lock. This hole is for inserting the L key while you need to reset the lock combination code.
• First, keep the lock in a position that you can easily insert that L key in the hole. When you have inserted the key, move it anti-clockwise.
• Now open the lock using the old combination code; it will open, now turn back the L key; its old combination lock will break.
• Now you can set another new combination code for the lock. Keep your key in the same position and move the wheel for the first digit to move and stop at the button’s position.
• Once you have set, now go for the next digit and follow the same process. One by one, set all the digits by moving the wheels of the locks.
• Now turn back the L key; it will ensure you that the new padlock combination is reset by a little sound of the break.
• Remove the L key from the hone and now verify the combination minimum of two times. It is working properly; it means you have set a new padlock combination.

The process varies from locks to locks and manufacturer to manufacture, but the basic process will be the same.

Maybe you face difficulty for the first time, but you will find all the resetting padlocks combination the same.

Final Thoughts:

There are no better security locks available in the market than padlock combination system locks.

You can any time change the code and make your lock more secure. We have provided you a simple way to reset the padlock combination. We hope you have found our article on how to reset the padlock combination helpful for you.