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What are the Different Types of Dash Cams for Trucks?

the different types of dashcams for trucks

Dash cams are one of the most essential and effective tools in these days for every kind of vehicle driver because they make sure to provide proper protection to their fleet from false insurance claims. The technology is evolving day by day and you can see the wide range of dash cams available in the market for trucks. You have to choose the one best among them according to your needs and requirements. So, you have to look about the wide variety of camera types and data storage dash cams available in the market to find the one best that suits well with your needs. According to statistics, in areas where people use a dash cam in vehicle, the accident rate is lower than in other areas.

You have to understand how the different types of dashcams for trucks help you to save your trouble and cost so that you can make a better buying decision. It also helps you to understand the legal and physical limitations come with the truck. While selecting one perfect dash cam for trucks, it is important for your primary consideration should be its purpose.

What are the different types of dash cams?

What are the different types of dash cams

Here are the different types of dashcams for trucks in which you can buy one best that is suitable to your needs and budget:

Standard dash cam

A basic or standard dash cam involves a single camera facing the front windshield. This type of dash cams is generally used by the drivers for insurance purpose. In addition to this, if you want to record a joyride through picturesque countryside then you can also buy this dash cam. This is one ideal type of dash cam that is required for several purposes. If your vehicle hit in the front then this dash cam can help you to claim the insurance. The front of the vehicle is mainly injured when an accident happens and this dash cam is more likely to pick up the footage when you hit someone. These dash cams are one of the most affordable one in the market. A standard or basic dash cam can record 1440p Ultra HD and also have other features within affordable prices. So, you can easily save a lot by investing your money on this type of dash cam.

Dual dash cam

The dual dash cam generally features two dash cameras and one of them record the footage of the road ahead and the other focus on the rear. The dual dash cam can synchronize the two feeds and offer arrangement for more than two dash cams. So, this dash cam provides you better evidence in any event whenever you are trying to provide your innocence. In addition to this, a dual dash cam does run out of memory quickly as a comparison to the normal dash cam. It is because the recording of both cameras is stored in a single memory card.

Another issue with the dual dash cam is the quality of the video, because the dual dash cams generally use asynchronous resolutions. In the dual dash cam, the resolution of one camera can be better than the other one. While setting up the dual dash can, you should prefer the HD resolution in the front while the standard definition dash cam in the rear.

Backup cam

A backup camera for the truck is not generally different from the basic dash cam because both of them rely on the single camera. The standard dash cam faces the front while on the other hand the truck backup camera faces the rear. These two dash cams are also different in the arrangement as well. The backup dash cam required to be hardwired directly into the vehicle. A backup dash cam also requires more installation as comparison to the basic ash cam. Whenever you choose a back dash cam then make sure to buy the one with waterproof and heat resistant feature so that you can enjoy its benefits for long time.

Quad dash cam

Quad dash cam offers higher protection to both fleet owners as well as individual owners. It is a complete setup that includes the side dash cams and offers you higher protection and safety. The quad dash cam has four cameras and the side cams are not intended to record the right and left directions of the truck but their record the rear of the truck from either side. There are lots of features offered by the quad dash cam that make your drive smooth.

What are the benefits of a dash cam?

What are the benefits of a dash cam

There are lots of benefits of buying a dash cam as one primary advantage of the dash cams is that they focus on your protection. The dash can provide you the evidence during an accident so that you can prove yourself innocent. In addition to this, here are some other benefits of installation of dash can in your vehicle:

• Most often, the dash cam is the evidence for insurance claim. Even with a comprehensive insurance plan, there is no guarantee that the insurance company will cover your accident and the recordings of your dash cam can help you in this situation.

• Things can become difficult to solve if the right cause of the accident is not clear. So, with the help of the recording of the dash cam, you can make the things clear to everyone and it helps to find the right culprit.

• If you own a fleet of truck for transportation of good then the dash cam can provide higher protection and security to your truck from any theft and damage in the best effective manner.

If you are a beginner and may not have complete knowledge about the different types of dash cams for trucks then you must have to do proper research and make sure to find the one best dash cam for your truck.

Special consideration for trucks

As you know, different types of vehicle have their unique considerations and the mounting is one main issue with a dash cam for truck. Whether mounted with the adhesive tape or suction cup, the truck windshield can rise at a steeper incline rather than other kinds of vehicle. You have to make proper research and investigation to find the perfect one among the different types of dashcams for trucks.